Coaching: Choose your weapon

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Coaching is the most important factor in improving your riding. All the top professionals have been coached all their life…. and now it’s your turn!


Looking for some top quality mountain bike coaching from Sick Skills? Have a look at the options below, pick a winner and before you know it you’ll be learning some Sick Skills with Ben Cathro.

The ultimate coaching experience tailored to the racer. Bike setup, race preperations and all the skill work. After this session you'll have everything you need to race to your best!

Custom coaching is Sick Skills most versatile service. You choose the location, the content and the date then Sick Skills plans your excellent day. Great for birthdays, corporate events or people with big ideas.

Downhill is the most intense form of mountain biking and the most dependant on skill. Improve your skills and gain more control on one of these fantastic sessions.

Enduro/All Mountain riding takes you over every type of terrain imaginable. These sessions cover every aspect of riding helping you to be smoother, more efficient, more consistent and faster.