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Enduro Coaching: Sharpen your skills

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Enduro, Cross Country, All mountain, whatever you may call it a session with Sick Skills will help you improve speed, consistency, confidence and expand your skill set. It is THE best way to improve yourself as a rider and you can learn from the best with Sick Skills.

Our sessions focus on getting the core skills of body positioning and braking dialled. Once they are perfect we then get more advanced and tackle everything else that builds on top like cornering, jumping, rocks and roots. Add everything together and by the end of the session you will have the knowledge to tackle everything.


So you are interested in an Enduro Coaching session but you want to know a bit more detail? Here is the general day plan:

 • 10am Start – Meet up at the location and get acquainted with everyone

• Have a discussion about the days plans and make sure everyone is happy

• If required we will do a quick session on bike setup to make sure everyones bikes are in tune with the rider

• Head out for a quick loop and stop at key locations to practice body positioning and braking. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a professional racer, these core skills are what everything else builds on. Ben frequently refines his technique and can help you do the same.

• Lunch, feedback, video analysis (depending on session), Q&A.

• Back out for another loop and we’ll get more advanced. Work on building up speed while keeping things smooth and controlled. Depending on terrain we’ll also work on cornering, efficient climbing, jumping, roots, rocks, drops, pretty much everything you need to improve your Enduro/All Mountain skills.

• 4pm Finish – Round things up, chat about progress, set future goals and targets then head home after a great day.


Enduro Coaching Dates:


If none of the dates above suit you can still book yourself one of our Custom Coaching sessions and plan your perfect day.

See you on the trails!