Race Coaching

Race Coaching: For the racer wanting more.

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Race Coaching is what Sick Skills is all about. I have spent years figuring out how to shave fractions of a second off race times, improve consistency and gain better results. All the secrets and tips I’ve learnt over the years I can now pass on to you. If you are a racer or are looking to get into racing, this is THE session that will help you become a better racer.

So how does the race coaching thing work?…. well:

• Before select SDA, SES and BDS events Sick Skills will run a coaching day on the friday before that covers everything you will need for the race. We’ll start off in the Sick Skills race pits and set up the bikes for the track.
• Once we know the bikes are sorted we’ll then work on the rider. Everyone will head up the hill and start working on the base skills (body positioning and braking). These are the two basic controls that everything else builds on.
• Once body positioning and braking is sorted we’ll start to get more in depth and look at the more technical aspects (line choice, technical terrain, cornering, jumping, consistency) Put all these together and develop consistent race speed.
 • Race preparation. How should I prepare? How many practice runs should I do? What should I eat? Do I hold back? Do i give it everything? We’ll cover everything so when it comes to race time you know what to do.
 • Friday evening you’ll get to walk the race track with Ben. Talk about lines, where can you make up time, where should you play it safe. See what the Pro’s think when they look at a track.
 • Over the weekend I will be there if you need any advice or need to quiz me about a line. Feel like doing a practice run with me? Just ask and we can head up and see where you can make up time. 
 •Over the weekend feel free to chill out at the Sick Skills pits, use it for shelter, come over to fix your bike. Just hang out and relax with myself and the rest of the gang.


This is the absolute best way to improve yourself as a racer and all for the price of a rear wheel or a handful of tires. Bargain!


Race Coaching Sessions


If you have any questions about the Race Coaching sessions simply email info@sickskills.co.uk and I will reply as soon as I can. If there is a race coming up and Sick Skills doesn’t have a planned session and you are cursing your bad luck, don’t fret, send an email and we might be able to organise a race coaching session just for you.

See you at the races!


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