Open Source Components

Screenshot_01_05_2013_23_12Open Source Components: Do it yourself!

Open Source Components is a project aimed at creating products for mountain biking in the comfort of our own homes. The idea is to get together a series of guides that walk anyone through the process to create some functional, useful components. People can then post feedback, adjustment, add more products and ideas to get everyone pumped on creating.

The first guide is on creating a simple yet functional mudguard. It’s a product I saw people buying a couple of years ago and noticed some people making their own. I’m not taking any credit for doing this first, just supplying anyone else with the means to do it.

If anyone has any cool ideas or revisions of anything already included here just leave a comment below or email ¬†and you get you’re own guide published with full credit going to you!


So you want to make yourself a tidy mudguard for your steed? This guide will show you how. Remember, it's only a guide, you can modify the process to get the end result you desire. Remember to leave any comments and suggestions below.


Your Guide Here

Got any sweet modifications or hot tips? Put together a simple guide, mail it to with some info and a picture about you and it'll get posted up here. Hit the link below to send a guide.

Number Board Holder

Trying to find a way to neatly attach a number board to your bike at the races can be an absolute nightmare. Make things easy for yourself and knock up one of these number board holders. Simple and blooming effective!

Sick Skills???

Have you come to this page through an external link and are wondering who Sick Skills is? Check out the about page to meet Ben Cathro the owner then fire over to the coaching pages to see what great sessions Sick Skills offers.