O.S.C. Mudguard


O.S.C. Mudguard: Do it yourself

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Make yourself a sweet under crown mudguard. This is just a general guide and you are free to get creative with it. If you do get creative and feel you have greatly improved on this guide then either leave a comment below or let Ben know by emailing ben@sickskills.co.uk.


Template :  Print this bad boy off.

Guide : Follow this guide to create a sweet new mudguard.

4 comments on “O.S.C. Mudguard
  1. rick says:

    Made a few over the years and find that nylon is the best plastic as it doesn’t crack or become brittle. ‘original’ washing up liquid bottles seem to do the trick

  2. alastair says:

    You can get a massive sheet of this for £9 which I use: http://www.crocus.co.uk/product/_/bin-bag-loader/classid.2000004643/

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