Van Conversion 2

Van Conversion 2 – The Steve Diaries

Steve’s coming along nicely. Next up was the roof, I stuck some kingspan to the roof and held in place with some sticks creating a treated pine forest.


Roof insulated I tackled plying the walls. Stuck a 16mm bolt through the inner skin of the van and mounted the spare wheel on it. Keeps it out of the salt. Anyone that’s tried to lower the spare wheel on a van over 4 years old knows how important this is.


Forgot to take pictures of the fully ply’d walls. It’s a mismatch of different bits of reclaimed ply to keep the costs down. Cracked on with creating the garage. Made a section the perfect size for two bikes with the front wheels off. The section to the left is as big as I could make it without taking up too much room in the living area. The roof is where the bed is going to be.


Wheel arch boxed in and looking tidy. Beat the living crap out of some checker plate steel to shape it to the rear step.


Bike slots in nicely. Thinking up best ways for securing them. Might make axle mount on the floor. Also replaced the door seal rubber as it was humped.


Moved the door switched light from the roof to the garage area for night time illumination.


Shaped really starting to come together. Next edition will look at the living area.



Mountain bike racer extraordinaire. Owner and CEO of Sick Skills. West Scotland skid champion 1998.

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