Van Conversion

Van Conversion 1 – The Steve Diaries

After using a borrowed vehicle for the first two years Sick Skills has finally purchased a business owned vehicle. Behold….. Steve:


Steve is a medium wheel base medium height roof transit packing 100hp of duratorque goodness. Steve is currently going through a makeover which I’ll be documenting here.

First things first, he get’s all the old ply lining ripped out and a sponge bath.20131114_143752


Painted all the bare bits with red oxide paint then starting sticking  battens down with sikaflex. Weighted it all down with anything that came to hand. There’s a log I was practicing my tree felling cuts on, assorted rocks and logs and storage heater bricks. Fit for Purpose.


Got to keep it warm inside, started slotting kingspan in the gaps before slapping the old floor back on top.


Filled all the cavities with kingspan then covered with aluminium bubble wrap for ultimate insulation. Sikaflexed some wall battens in for shaping the wall and to act as support for the raised bed sliders.


That’s it so far. Steve is coming along nicely, will have updates in the next few days.

Will it be finished before the season starts???

Ben Cathro

Mountain bike racer extraordinaire. Owner and CEO of Sick Skills. West Scotland skid champion 1998.

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